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Is it compulsory to fill ITR even if your gross income is less than 2,00,000?

I started my job in November 2012. I have not filed the ITR for assessment year 2013-14. My Gross income was less then 200000. Is it mandatory to file ITR? If yes, can I file it now?

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I lost a bet, and have to clean a horse stable with bare gross will it be?

I'm worried about the smell...what exactly is the smell like?

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Can I file an appeal to get my job back after being fired for gross misconduct?

I'm a corrections officer at a local jail. On Friday night/early Saturday morning I was arrested for being drunk in public, even though I was in my car in the parking lot after sleeping in the passenger's seat with my keys in my pocket (The cops told me that saved me from getting a DUI). I never moved my vehicle, the cab service wasn't available Long story short, I was cut loose after 6-7 hours in the drunk tank with a fine (which immediately paid) and I explained it to my boss on Monday at...

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